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You Are The Pendulum...

Just as humans are, pendulums are receivers and transmitters of information and can help us to gain access to information that exists at the subconscious level of the Inner Being. Intuition is strengthened and amplified, and the pendulum works to convert the subtleties of intuition into a more obvious form of physical motion. To work with a pendulum in a more advanced consciousness, remember the pendulum is a reflection or mirror of your inner guidance system. YOU are the pendulum!

Determining “Yes”, “Ask Again/Maybe” & “No”

  1. Take the pendulum in your both hands and create a Circuit (prayer position).

  2. Clear the energy by imagining Gold or White Light passing through, then pass it through the fingers to finish off the clearing.

  3. Empty your mind of all conscious thoughts, worries and questions.

  4. Take the pendulum in your dominant hand and say either out loud or in your mind – “Show Me Yes”

  5. Repeat Step 2

  6. Say either out loud or in your mind – “Show Me No”

  7. Repeat Step 2

  8. Say either out loud or in your mind – “Show Me Ask Again/Maybe”

Cleanse & Care for Your Pendulum:

It is recommended to clear and cleanse your pendulum, place in on top of Selenite or Himalayan Salts. This will purify the pendulum and keep it clear while you work with it. Other recommendations are as follows:

v Run it under running water

v Charge it in the Sun or Moonlight

v Smoke Cleansing with Palo Santo, Sage, Mugwort, Peppermint and many others.

Treat your pendulum with care. Carry it with you in a pouch or silk cloth. If your pendulum breaks or disappears take this as a sign from spirit that it is either time for a new one or more importantly, time to start trusting yourself more!

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