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In order to book your session with Tristan, please select from the services below and add the service to your cart. Upon payment, you will be contacted to book the date and time.


Alternatively you may call (613) 262-4626 or email before booking or if you plan on payment in person or desire more information.

Celestial Ceremonies:

Private Energy Facilitation 

Suggested for those looking for clearing, energetic realignment, past-life/timeline healing, breaking old patterns/cycles, etc. 1.5 Hrs to allow for goal setting, intentions, message work and more! These sessions are a combinational approach using Holy Fire III Karuna® Reiki, Usui Reiki, Essential Oils, Vibrational Essences, Crystalline Energy, Celtic Druidry, Multidimensional Communion and Galactic Ceremonies. Each session is tailored to the Energy of the client. The possibilities and potentials are infinite in what we can Co-Create!

Cosmic Guidance:


During these sessions Tristan uses a multifaceted gnosis and  combinational approach involving a mixture of Cosmic Numerology, Tarot & Oracle Cards, Divine Intuition and Multidimensional Mediumship.What did you come here to create? What are some of your Soul's Archetypes? How can you connect more deeply to your divine truth?

Sacred Emergence:

One-On-One Mentoring

Explore your spiritual Self and discover what you have to offer the world! During these sessions, the practitioner works to help the individual discover, develop and give definition to the Divine gifts the individual wishes to pursue and expand upon. These private teachings can be scheduled monthly and that changes (lowers) the price for long-term students.

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