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Our Story

I Am That I Am

Tristan Brine

* Galactic Shaman * Starseed * Empath * Crystal Therapist * Multidimensional Medium * Reiki Master * Transdimensional Energist * Access-Bars Practitioner * Elementalist* Sacred Emergence Coach * Spiritual-Teacher * Metaphysical Jeweler *

Tristan has worked professionally with individuals all over North America for the past 15 years. His methodology is straight forward and honest allowing clients to put things in to a new and whole-hearted perspective. He works with various aspects of Universal energy to promote the restoration of the individuals’ physical, mental-emotional and spiritual well-being with the ultimate goals of self-actualization and self-mastery.

Otherworld Treasures:

We are a conscious community & retail space on Unceded Algonquin Territory known today as Ottawa, Ontario. Otherworld Treasures was founded by Tristan Brine and celebrates the gifts of the Earth & Spirit.

This space provides metaphysical tools & esoteric resources as well as education and fellowship through our many workshops and gatherings.


Mission Statement:


Otherworld Treasures is a Galactic Star Temple of Light and Love. May it build and serve the community both micro and macro and May all who enter its doors be Blessed. May we fully integrate our human and Cosmic-Selves. May we be a place of Higher Learning, Higher Heart and Ultimate Truth. We are a home for those who are Ready, Willing, Able, Awake & Functioning. In The I Am Presence, We are that we are – we are all that we are. Blessings!


Metaphysical Jewelry:


Each piece is multidimensional, energetically infused and Starseed coded for optimal wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit. We take pride in bringing you the absolute best in consciously made, divinely inspired pieces. All of our materials are hand selected with the intent of the best vibrational resonance for the highest good of the individual that it is being crafted for. We also ensure that the piece is appropriately energetically cleared and/or charged upon delivery. Our careful attention to detail, pride in our work and conscious thought and intention is what we feel sets us apart from other businesses both on-line and in person

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