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2020 - The Year of the Heart

I was inspired to write today as I am getting a lot of questions in the past few days about what exactly is happening in the ether. I would like to bring everyone's attention back to the energy of the year - 2020 (2+0+2+0) is a 4 which is the Heart Chakra. We are all going through a rapid Heart Expansion and regardless of the individual experience and their perceptions of it, no one is immune to this.

A simple truth is to remember that this process is not all sunshine and rainbows. We are Light and Shadow and are invited to do this delicate dance without bypassing one half of the experiences. We have a very limited, albeit expanding, view on our emotions as a human race. We tend to fit our emotions in to these polarized categories of "Good" or "Bad" and this old paradigm will not be in alignment as we shift further in to the paradigms of "and & both".

All emotions are invitations to observe our Self. Through this observation we are presented a series of choices as Creator Beings i.e. we can choose to observe or ignore the emotion and the subsequent stories that come up around the emotion and thus we can choose to lock the energy in (most often affecting us physically &mentally) or release it.

All that to say, there is nothing wrong or right about these processes - they simply are. You can learn through the polarizing experience and can even choose to stay polarized, but the key to expansion and long lasting growth is to return to the center or as mentioned, the and/both - Sacred Neutral.

So what are a few practical tips to find remedy and resolve?

Daily Spiritual Hygiene - Are you centered, grounded, anchored, creating sacred space around you and aligning to all aspects of your unique energy signature? This can be achieved through mental-emotional processes, spiritual processes and physical tools such as crystals, salts, herbs & Saining/smudging.

Stay Hydrated - maintain your electrolytes so you do not burn through your silica and burn out physically. Drink plenty of H20. Herbal teas to assist during this process are Mugwort, Horsetail, Hawthorne, Linden Flower and Hibiscus.

Keep Breathing - remember the simple and powerful medicine of the Breath. With every breath you take, it is a new moment, a new heart beat and you are free to choose again and again...

Nurture your(S)elf - learn to be your own Partner, Lover, Parent etc. Be Self-Full and radiate outwards. Based on this act of self care and self nurturing, you then treat others how you wish to be treated. This will lead to strengthening your energetic boundaries and highlight areas in your life that are inviting change.

Time & Space - Create the Time and Space for your expansion or risk repeating the same patterns and behaviours.

Joy Consciousness - take time to connect with what brings you joy and explore new activities to align even further to this concept.

This is the year of the Heart and as we expand and enter deeper in to the Temple of the Heart and its many antechambers it will be a year of vulnerability as a strength, building up your resilience, building upon your definition of Love and feeling your soul signature like never before.

Keep Shining!


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