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Ethics of a Lightworker

The following is a list of guiding principles and philosophies that has been compiled & is evolving over time:

1. Personal Responsibility: You alone are ultimately responsible for your spiritual journey. Know Thyself and build your own practice to the best of your ability and your own personal connection and clarity will be strengthened. Be Ready, Willing, Able, and Awake and Functioning in the “I Am Presence”. Walk your Talk.

2. Every Soul has a path of Eternal Progression. We are all dancing in the Light and Darkness. Physics tells us that Light is light waves travelling towards us and that darkness is light travelling away from our eyes. The Bible States that God exists both in the Light and in the Darkness.

3. Intent is everything! Keep in mind of your purity levels. You want to invoke light and love and be clear channels when healing your client. This involves removing your own negative self-talk and criticism. Use Discernment not Judgement.

4.Never give medical advice unless qualified to do so – Know the parameters of your practice and know it is positive to refer to other specialists. If you feel compelled to do so, be sure to tell the client to speak with their health care provider first. Bridging Spirit and Science is the way of the future.

5. You shall only take positive action in promoting wellness. No de-motivational healing sessions or readings (messages). Work towards solution-based messaging – what is the remedy & the resolve?

6. Never force spiritual information onto a client if they feel it does not resonate with them. Release the need to be “Right”.

7. Never offer unsolicited and/or vague messages. Consent is important in both the 3D world and in Spirit. Energy simply wants to be acknowledged and transformed and it isn’t always necessary to pass on a message – sometimes it is simply information.

8. While seeking truth on your own journey towards Enlightenment, realize that your truth may not necessarily be someone else’s. The idea of Truth is a fluid concept. As Light-Workers we need to be open to being in the flow of the only constant – Change.

9. If you do not feel comfortable working with a client, then do not proceed. It can be damaging to both the Practitioner and the Client. Actively state to Spirit your desires to be alignment with your potential clientele.

10.Practice Being and Embodying Love to the best of your ability. How do you personally define Love? Know your own philosophies and feelings around this concept.

11. Remember your Sovereignty: “I Am the Governing Authority of this Activity”. This involves your creation of sacred and safe space and the energy showing up within it as well as whom and when they participate. You are responsible for setting up your Sacred Court and the rules of engagement/decorum therein.

©Otherworld Treasures 2020

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