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Cleansing & Clearing Crystals

Why do some crystals & minerals have to be cleansed?

Some crystals & minerals need to be cleansed because their charge can deplete with usage and they tend to go in to a dormant state. Beings of the Mineral Kingdom are very selfless and are quick to lend a hand to their caretaker and environment around them.

Methods Used To Cleanse Crystals & Minerals:

  1. Hold the stone under running water and visualize the purification energies.

  2. Blow “white light” in to the stone.

  3. Leave the stones out in Moonlight (Full or New Moon are the strongest for recharging - full to release, new moon for anchoring in)

  4. Charge the stones in Sunlight (Caution: Some stones, like amethyst and rose quartz will fade in the sunlight)

  5. Perform a Sound Clearing on the stone using your voice or other instrument

  6. Place the stone in or on course sea salt or Himalayan salt

  7. Smudging the stones using any cleansing herbs such as sage, palo santo, peppermint, mugwort, bay leaves etc.

As time goes on and your bundles build, the stones will naturally cleanse one another. They all begin to work in conjunction with one another and share energies just as our wondrous Universe. Though they still need help clearing, the process becomes much easier and is needed less frequently unless you have facilitated an extensive energy session or clearing with them.

The following is a list of stones that cleanse and clear themselves and will aid other stones in doing so:

  1. Carnelian

  2. Smokey Quartz

  3. Selenite

  4. Himalayan Salt

  5. Kyanite (All Colours)

  6. Citrine

  7. Clear Quartz Clusters (If cleansed on a regular basis and programmed to do so).

  8. Geodes/Cathedrals – Geodes create a nurturing energy that will revitalize and recharge stones.

*Remember to protect and shield your crystals from X-Rays, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi and television. Any one of these could cause a frequency distortion when using the Crystals. It is also recommended not to carry any metals such a coins with your crystals as it can influence the flow of energy.

Keep Shining,

Tristan Brine

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C Lynn Pav
C Lynn Pav
Jul 25, 2023

Love your new location, ❤️ I will visit again....

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