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You Are The Protection You Seek

Though we have been provided with beautiful physical tools from the Mineral Kingdom (Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Smokey Quartz etc) and the Plant Kingdom (Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense etc) it is important to remember you have every capability within you to be energetically protected.

The simple truth is, if you do not Up-Spiral your own energy, no amount of spiritual-tools will do the trick. When we are in our intuitive moments where we feel we need an extra boost of spiritual support, take a conscious pause. Working as a unified force of energy (all chakras, all Auric Bodies – no separation here), surround yourself with the colour-energy of your choice for your unique soul-signature. Stabilize your Energy Fields through the breath and BEing in the present moment – the NOW. Visualize that energy spinning around your body in an upwards motion through the Stellar Gateway (9th Chakra) to Source Energy. At this time, you may wish to call in your Multidimensional Support (Angelic Realms, Guides, Loved Ones etc). When you feel stabilized and are in a clearer consciousness, ask yourself - why did I feel this way? More often than not, you will find you were in a situation of “Energetic-Polarity” or “Us Vs. Them”.

Unlike most people, I am not going to tell you that feeling polarity is a “bad” thing and that we must strive for “Oneness” in every moment. In fact, one of the reasons we incarnated on Earth is to experience Polarity. Without it, we would not learn; our souls would not grow. The KEYS here are how you CHOOSE to Consciously Act from Universal Love, instead of an unconscious or passive re-action out of fear as well as to not get caught up in the density (drama) of the energy or in each polarized situation. BE in the EYE of the Ultimate Observer (more playfully called God’s Goggles).

I often take the time to ask myself, “What am I Learning, What is it that I need to know? (About Myself, about my surroundings, about the energy around me…etc.) The answers may not come right away and such is life, there isn’t always a direct answer. Just allow yourself to be in the flow of the present moment. This is a simple communion with your Higher-Self and your personal connection to God/Source Energy.

Remember my Stars; you have the Universe (YOU-niverse) inside of you.

“I AM that I Am, I Am ALL that I Am, Everything I Need, Exists Within Me”

Keep Shining!

Tristan Brine

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