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The Gift of Chaos

Time-No Time-Shift:

What If I Told You...

Chaos was a Goddess.

We Were All Chaotic Matter Before The Universe Was Created.

Out Of The Gift Of Chaos, Anything Is Possible.

Chaos Is A Means To Peeling Back The Layers And Finding Your Authenticity.

Balance Was Born From Chaos.

Chaos Will Shift The Shiftless.

Chaos Is A Chance To Grow And Become The Possibility.

Universal Knowledge Is Born From Experiential Learning; Chaos Can Be A Divine Master Teacher.

It Is Through Discord That Harmony Can Be Understood And Cherished And Therefore Anchored.

By Shifting Your Perceptions On Chaos, You Can Claim Your Place As Co-Creator.

In Truth, Chaos Is All About Finding Clarity And Your Soul Signature.

Even In Chaos, There Is Oneness.

What Else Is Possible? How Does It Get Any Better Than This? We Are That We Are, We Are All That We Are!

Keep Shining My Galactic Gods/Goddesses!

Tristan Brine of Otherworld Treasures

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