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Prayer of Disentanglement

I call upon my Multidimensional Energetic Support Systems, Soul Technologies, and my Ancestors both Bloodline and Fosterage to stand with me in Energetic Equity. Hear my Heart & Soul as I speak these words and with Central Sun Intellect:

As A Sovereign Being, I Do Not Consent:

To Consciously Choosing Victim Consciousness, to Lack and Limitation, to Poor Personal Efficacy/Irresponsibility, to the Perversion of Masculine and Feminine Divine, to Fear Consciousness and the Projections Thereof on to my Energetic Being, physically, mentally, emotionally, astrally, etherically or galactically. I do not consent to these forms of Control and Manipulation or the illusions of Guilt and Shame . I remove any and all Beings, including those who have incarnated that were falsely placed in my timelines or incarnation wheel: past, present, future, parallel and multidimensionally. No longer will you entangle in my Unified Field of Energy.

Amen, A'ho, Awen and So It Is.


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