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Integrating The Shadow

This is inspired by on-going Shifts and the Journey of Self Discovery. May it serve You well, both Macro and Micro as an Individual and Collective BEing.

As we journey here on Earth Mother and increase our Light Quotient through our Remembrance of Self as the Source-Light Beings we ARE, we tend to forget (in some cases avoid the ‘Knowing’) we also increase our Shadow. You are likely bracing as you read this. Pause a moment and take a breath. Know there is a dance between Light and Shadow; one could not be appreciated as deeply without the other. Know they are of the same Source.

As Humans, we forget we are Multidimensional, Multi-Sensory Beings. The Masculine and Feminine Shadow get played with and manipulated by corrupt False-Light teachings and lead us to believe we should compete with one another, tear one another down, create barriers, doubt, fear, jealousy, idle gossip, betrayal…you name it – we’ve lived it, in this life and many others. To this I say - enough is enough! How can we achieve and align to our Soul’s Purpose if we are too busy at one another’s throats? How can we learn from one another as Creator Gods & Goddesses if we allow our insecurities to get the best of us? It’s time to be Conscious and take Personal Responsibility. Are You truly Ready, Willing, Able, - Awake and Functioning?

One solution for the Shadow is first, acknowledgment. Bear witness to the darkest parts of Self. Do not be afraid to gaze upon your own mirror. Know that as deep as that darkness goes, so does your Light. Remember, you can only meet others as deeply as you have met your(S)elf.

Second, embrace Self through Forgiveness. Forgive your Self (always first and foremost); Others; Situations; etc. for personal judgements, criticisms, projections, rejections; programming, illusions, delusions ; and all other things not serving your Highest Good or the Divine Will. Even if you are not ready to forgive in totality – remember – you only need to be willing. Stating “I Am Willing to Forgive” will energetically start the process. This process is a deprogramming and a re-balancing.

Third, meet everything with Love. I am talking LOVE with a capital L, Universal Love, Love without conditions. When you approach the situation with Love, you are better able to ask your(S)elf, what am I learning? See the moment as an opportunity for Growth and Up-spiral your Energies!

Finally, Gratitude – Being Thankful in your current reality brings you in to the ever present, co-creative moment of NOW. Thank the Shadow, Thank the Light, Thank the Lesson, and Thank the Self. Focus and redirect your energy back to the Sacred Neutral.

Consider the following as an upgrade or update to the Ho'oponopono, translated in to the “I AM – Presence”. Use it to guide you truly step up on your Platforms (or Spaceships for some )

I Am Acknowledgement; I Am Forgiveness; I Am Love; I Am Gratitude

Below are a list of Crystals I recommend that will consciously aid you in integrating your Shadow-Selves and Re-aligning you to your Zero-Point & Creator Energy. Keep Shining my Bright Stars!

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