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"Tristan Brine remember the name. He is literally out of this world! Working with him and having the privilege of interacting with him has been for me, a discovery into self. He will challenge you, he will teach you, he will motivate you to become the best version of yourself. He will guide you to understand your own energy and to be in your Divine Truth. His jewelry and his knowledge of crystals are an extension of his beliefs and something he shares with the world. Always grateful for his insights."
- C. Lacombe, Alymer, QC
"I have known Tristan for many years and I can honestly say he is an extremely talented individual. His readings have always guided me whenever I felt lost. He takes the time to answer my questions and explain things to me so that I understand. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for some spiritual guidance in their life."

- M. Bossé, Toronto, ON
"Tristan is a compassionate heart centered practitioner with unique clarity. He is an excellent resource in all things metaphysical. I often refer to him as my Crystal Metaphysician, his practical and channelled knowledge always resonates."
- S. Nelson, Energy Wellness, Lancaster, ON

“This evening I received and amazing and very insightful session from Tristan. He really helped me understand things I’ve been unsure of for a long time. Very direct with his answers and much insight. Thank you so very much.”

- Cathy, Kingston, ON

"I Had the most AMAZING session with Tristan. He really is accurate in all he said and gave me reassurance and *Mind Blowing* revelations! He has such a Beautiful energy and connection. I walked out of there feeling at peace and truly connected to my path. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you! Blessed Be"

- A. Gauvin, Ottawa, ON
"I stumbled upon Otherworld Treasures a few months back. When I walked in I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. I ended up staying for over 2 hours chatting with Tristan and some other customers and when I left I said "I feel like I am home". I attended an event this past weekend and was truly amazed by what Tristan does- it was an experience like no other. I highly recommend Otherworld Treasures. It's a warm and loving environment, all thanks to the wonderful man behind it all!"
- K. Roberts, Ottawa, ON

"Tristan and Otherworld Treasures is truly a unique gem in our beloved Ottawa! The space is cozy yet you feel open to explore and ask questions. Every area of the boutique allows you to discover another unknown aspect of yourself and the connection to the Universe, Multiverse and Omniverse.
Many blessings, dearest Tristan"

-T. Roberts, Ottawa, ON

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