Otherworld Treasures

Inspire, Empower, Shine!

Who We Are:

Founded by Tristan Brine, Otherworld Treasures is the coupling of Earth's Wonders and Spirit's Universal Wisdom. 

We offer many Crystals & Minerals, Multidimensional-Mediumship, Reiki Sessions,Transdimensional Energy Sessions, Energetic Rebalancing, Cosmic Coaching, Metamorphic Technique, Axiatonal Realignment, Aqualead, Courses/Workshops and more!

Mission Statement:

Otherworld Treasures is a Galactic Star Temple of Light and Love. May it build and serve the community both micro and macro and May all who enter its doors be Blessed. May we fully integrate our human and Cosmic-Selves. May we be a place of Higher Learning, Higher Heart and Ultimate Truth. We are a home for those who are Ready, Willing, Able, Awake & Functioning. In The I Am Presence, We are that we are – we are all that we are. Blessings!

Metaphysical Jewelry:

Each piece is multidimensional, energetically infused and Starseed coded for optimal wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit. We take pride in bringing you the absolute best in consciously made, divinely inspired pieces. All of our materials are hand selected with the intent of the best vibrational resonance for the highest good of the individual that it is being crafted for. We also ensure that the piece is appropriately energetically cleared and/or charged upon delivery. Our careful attention to detail, pride in our work and conscious thought and intention is what we feel sets us apart from other businesses both on-line and in person. 

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!