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by Sabine Blais


The Story of Aqualead is a narration of the author’s memoirs of her years living in Argentina, and her unusual encounter with a new healing energy called Aqualead. She relates her incredible journey of relocating to South America from her home in Canada, and how she inadvertently channelled and developed a new healing system destined to heal water and rebalance nature. The author has lived in Buenos Aires for five years. She began teaching Aqualead in different parts of Argentina, and the healing modality rapidly expanded to an environmental movement, whose aim is to heal the planet and restore the elements of nature. Through this book, the reader will discover a new way of healing the Earth and connecting with water; the book also invites the reader to become acquainted with this hew healing energy, which is spreading among healers worldwide. Complete with author’s photographs and appendices.

The Story of Aqualead: A New Healing Energy for a New Earth