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by Courtney A. Kazembe


Ultimately, love is not the destination; it is the experiences, the journey and the exploration that bring each of us toward a true appreciation and experience of an awakened and fulfilling life. In this first volume in the five-part Gift of Love series written by Courtney A.Kazembe, the age old question "What is Love?" is asked, explored and answered. Love is who we are; it is the essence of our being. Love is the most powerful energy in existence and, as we learn to love, we bring into our lives the most potent force in the universe.When we choose love, we bring about the highest good for ourselves and others. Offering love is always the right choice. With love, we can transform, purify, harmonise and unify. Love creates miracles and heals all wounds.

The Gift of Love: Vol. 1 What is Love?


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