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by Rolland E. Proulx (Author)


Aphorisms are nothing to sneer at. They open doors, widen our perceptions, broaden our understanding and invite us to think new thoughts. The Electric Oracle Speaks is created with all the above in mind and then some. Aphorisms are also known as: sayings, dictums, maxims, proverbs, and apothegms. This last word conjures up an image of an ancient alabaster jar, filled with rich unguents, essences. Sayings are just that, the essence, infused into a few words. This original, inspiring book is a jewel, both in word, design and illustration. It is based on the power of positive thinking and how thoughts have a critical effect on the quality of our life. The Electric Oracle Speaks is divided into two parts. Part One features 108 aphorisms and eight beautiful illustrations. Part Two has seven Oracle Observations. The book presents practical, memorable sayings that help readers deal with everyday existence and provides answers that can easily be called upon in difficult times. A book that encourages you to consciously be what you already are and that helps you be aware of what you have not yet discovered.

The Electric Oracle Speaks: Wisdom Now And Forever