By: Klaire D. Roy


Learning more about the crystal skulls is synonymous with learning more about who we are and who we can become. The Crystal Skull of Compassion — Daikomyo-zo Chenrezi, written under the guidance of Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, sheds light on the crystal skulls, confirms the truth of their existence, traces their provenance and explains their influence. It demystifies their ties to humans, who have not yet learned to properly utilize their full potential. The crystal skulls are Guides to be consulted with wisdom and discernment. Tap into their energy, enter their universe, and see your life in a new light! “These skulls are receptacles that contain and retain information and embody the atomic Light that has been transmitted by those peoples who lived (in an illusorily sense, since time-space is essentially an illusion utilized in certain planetary systems) during the millennia preceding our present era.” -D.K.

The Crystal Skull of Compassion - Daikomyo-zo Chenrezi

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