by: Rhonda Moffatt


Useful wellness and energy applications based in Traditional Chinese (Yang) Feng Shui, Reiki and traditional energy work show that healing holds information that provides you alignment with your goals and positive, harmonic flow in your life.

The intention of this work is to provide a place to get you thinking about (and then, perhaps acting upon) your own transition processes.

The concepts offered here act as a conduit or intermediary to/during transition. The intention is that they are to be used as connection-agents and/or communication-intimacy-conduits using intuition and proven centuries-old techniques. The tools offered in this book teach people to open into those platforms; illuminating the light in and for themselves and their surroundings.

This work offers practical insights and applications on how to “see” your own energy and build positive environments that nourish the body, mind, spirit.

Seeing Energy

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