by Chipo Shambare


Self Discovery and development with a twist of using my life story and what I learned during my professional years. Inviting the reader to read and listen to what comes up for them & write what they are thinking, feeling and saying or triggered as they read. A different interactive invitation to the reader to become part of the writing and when triggered, or inspired do the exercise and discover the gold or diamond hidden deep within. Self exploration using ?I am good enough for me? as a mantra to mine and boost self confidence and self-esteem. A sincere heart felt self- development book. The main objective of this book is to education, inspire, entertain and challenge the reader to do more than just reading and collect information. To help the reader take personal responsibility in their lives, especially health, healing of body, mind, emotions and spirit, a true self help or self discovery book. Getting people to think differently and for themselves and simplify their lives, accept and acknowledge who they really are.

I Am Good Enough For Me

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