by Debra J. Rigas


Open this book if you are ready to learn some basics before spending your resources on hype, jive, smoke and mirrors.

In the self-help arena many gurus say they can heal, clear, fix and alter your life’s direction, or channel an Ascended Master on your behalf. Some gurus are honest and reputable, but others may be leading you deeper into a cosmic quandary. Do you know how to spot the differences and make optimal choices?

In this primer for the spiritual seeker, Debra J. Rigas condenses 45 years of her life’s journey into stories and suggestions that might help you discern, wise up, and pinpoint consistently satisfying outcomes for yourself. From moments as sailor, licensed midwife, parent, explorer and filmmaker, the author shares both ‘light’ and ‘dark’ experiences. She includes short introductions to 111 topics, people, systems, and concepts frequently encountered by those exploring a spiritual path. A few of the items on which the author offers her practiced take are angels, witches, demons, dolphins, ghosts, Native Americans, Celts, art, prayer, the Divine Feminine, shamans, water, channeling and Kansas.

Laugh along or glean some wisdom as you continue toward. . .

Everyone's a Guru

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