by Elaine Vanier


It's an ordinary school day for ordinary pre-teen Oriel-until something quite unusual happens. During her teacher's meditation lesson, Oriel slips into a trance and hears someone frantically calling for her. In Oriel's vision, her spirit guide, Erela, reveals an amazing truth: Oriel was born to lead against the evil Forces of Deep Vibration, forces that try to diminish the Light of the Children. One child in particular, Ahi, stands to unleash a great power against the Forces, and Oriel must rescue him before evil lays claim to him.

Despite the strange circumstances, Oriel instinctively realizes the grave importance of her mission. As Keeper of a blank book that reveals its secrets only to her, Oriel must use it to navigate through the dangers ahead. When her other friends join Oriel on her quest, she becomes the leader of a team of unlikely heroes known as the Crystal Lights: Cullen the Animal Master, Astra of the Stars, and Jayr the Healer.

With the book as their guide, Oriel and her companions start on a dangerous and exciting quest in their journey to save Ahi. Through space and time in an adventure filled with riddles, peril, and strange creatures, the children make an unforgettable voyage of self-discovery and learn the awesome power of friendship.

Crystal Lights: Awaken The Power

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