Crystal & Gemstone Divination: Your Guide to Reading the Messages of the Mineral


By: Gail Butler


Minerals have a form of consciousness imbued into them by the geological forces that created them through eons of time. Once known by our ancestors, but all but forgotten by modern mankind, a channel of communication exists between the Mineral Realm and Humanity.
Now, the author shares with you the insights and techniques that will enable you to access that channel and to intuit the messages inherent in the energies of the stones for the benefit of yourself and others.
In this book you will learn:
About the Nature of Mineral Consciousness
How and Where to Acquire a Divination Stone Collection
How to Care for and Re-energize your stones
How to Read the Messages Conveyed by the stones
How to Conduct Divination Readings for Yourself or Others
The Ethics of a Divination Reading
The Relationship between Stones and other divination media
How to make healing elixirs...and much more...

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