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What The Shift?

We’ve had a few interesting weeks, No? Quite a few people are experiencing some turbulence so today I felt inspired to share one multilayered perspective as to why this is happening.

1. The Inward Spiral – We are still in a stage of an Inward Energetic Spiral that happens every year around this time attached to the Autumnal Equinox. What does this mean Tristan? I am glad you asked: It means any and all densities you are carrying, mental-emotional foot-prints, old patterns and behaviours, rigid belief systems etc. that have been pushed down or simply need a deeper layer of clearing are all coming up to the surface for the purposes of Healing. Acknowledge these energies as they arise and simply ask yourself, “Is this my Highest Truth?” and say, “Please show me the Remedy, the Resolve and provide me with the Understanding.”

2. Full Moon in Aries (October 15th) – There is a general anger or angst, often brought up by Aries which is often misdirected. It is our job to turn this anger over to fuel our Passions! This is not a time to squabble with one another, but rather inspire one another to move forward, to claim your individual platform and Sovereignty. We are here to provide Freedom by removing the Illusions of Dominance and Separation and offer Liberation to our Creative Energy before we celebrate the Rebirth of the Light on December 21st.

3. All Hallows Eve/Halloween – Oh yes – This does have an effect on everyone, regardless of conscious awareness. This time of year, the veil is thinning. We are called upon by our Ancestors, Past and Future generations to Heal and Seal any wounds and contracts PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE and Parallel Multi-Verse. It is also a time where there is less density and Spirit, in all senses of the word, will vibrate towards us. Be gentle with yourselves; be gentle with the energy around you. Spin a Vortex of Golden energy around you in a Unified Field to solidify your Source-Light.

4. New Moon in Scorpio is bringing us to a place of Self-Empowerment. This should be recognized and graciously accepted within the Heart. For those ready it will serve as a catalyst to deeper levels of intuition and anchoring in the Mystic. Sometimes this energy can be deep and dark and our Shadow Self dances with our Light, but we can channel this energy into something productive. Are you ready to meet your truest aspects of Self? Use this time to reconnect with Self. Celebrate who you are and anchor in another level of Love and Self-Acceptance.


Himalayan (Best Results)/Sea Salt Baths – ½ Cup of Salt in a bath is more than enough to really help rebalance your entire energy system. It’s even better to add in herbs that resonate with you as your Plant Kingdom Guardians.

Ceremony Connecting and Healing with your Ancestors - Ceremony comes from the Heart not the Head. Ceremony can be as simple as sending out a Prayer to the Universe and then Meditating to receive your Answers.

Laugh – Find your Joy and anchor in some Laughter. Our time here is relatively short and there’s nothing you cannot handle! Remember, you signed up for this <3

Take a moment to send yourself some LOVE. Remember, you’re the ONE you’ve been searching for.

Crystals for this time period: Elestial Quartz, Lepidocrocite/Harlequin Quartz, Hematoid Quartz, Black Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian, Stromatolite

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