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Goddess Mythos: Ngame (Nee-Gaw-May)

A Lunar Creator-Goddess of the Akan people of Nigeria, Ngame restores the balance between the Masculine and Feminine Divine.

Said to give birth to the Sun each morning, she provides us an opportunity to reflect on what it is we would like to give birth to each day. Within this contemplation is also a lesson - even if our days do not go as we had initially intended, there is an opportunity to choose again the next cycle.

Ngame mirrors to us that we call carry the Trine Energy (n this case the Triple Goddess). She embodies the Maiden Warrior, The Queen-Mother, High Priestess/Leader as well as the Enchanter(ess) Magic that flows through all aspects. Again this offers us a contemplation - How will you choose to express yourself in the world in this ever present, co-creative moment of NOW.

Keeping Shining!


*If anyone finds the original artist for the image below, I'd Love to credit the picture*

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1 Comment

Apr 05, 2020

The Akan people live in Ghana and Ivory Coast ,not Nigeria

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