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Galactic Shamanism:

Tristan's unique multifaceted approach invites individuals to access deeper levels of Knowing and Sacred Alchemy from Within. Using a combination of Usui Reiki, Crystalline Energy, Multidimensional Communion and Galactic Ceremonies each session is tailored to the Energy of the client. The possibilities and potentials are infinite in what we can Co-Create!

30 min...$70

1 Hour... $125

Sacred Emergence

Explore your spiritual Self and discover what you have to offer the world! During these sessions, the practitioner works to help the individual discover, develop and give definition to the Divine gifts the individual wishes to pursue and expand upon.

Metaphysical-Business Mentoring

Just building your business? Looking to expand? Tristan co-creates/collaborates with spirit to help you Serve your Self and the Community with the skills and codings you bring to the table. This mentoring helps to anchor the 4D & 5D energies in to the 3D.


Conscious Jewelry Design/Creation

During these sessions we unlock and read your individual coding and design a piece(s) of jewelry tailored to the individual's energy. Each piece is multidimensional, energetically infused and Starseed coded for optimal wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit. All of our materials are hand selected with the intent of the best vibrational resonance for the highest good of the individual that it is being crafted for. *Designs/Pricing vary based on cost of materials and time.