Otherworld Treasures

Inspire, Empower, Shine!

Monthly Workshops

Alchemy Teachings with Tristan

Join us for our unique monthly gathering!  In this group we cover a variety of topics in all things Spirit. Come and learn about your true nature as a Multidimensional Being and align with your Authentic Self.

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Universal Energy Council

Come together as a Collective Consciousness and share in Universal Healing Energies. Participants will be encouraged to open to their unique soul-signature and provide healing for themselves, the group and Mother Earth herself.
(It is not necessary to have formal “earth-based” training – I will provide guidance on unlocking your own Navigational System).

Starseed Galactic Gatherings

Be Ready, Willing, Able - Awake & Functioning! Align with your Soul's Blueprint, Refine your Galactic Lineage, Access your personal Alchemy, Share in the Global Mission, Embrace Transition, Unlock Cosmic Consciousness.

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Other Workshops Offered
These are just some of the Workshops are offered periodically. Check out www.facebook.com/OtherworldTreasures or email [email protected] for details about dates, times and other Offerings!

Reiki Level One

In this class you will learn:

What is Reiki?
The Chakra System
The Auric System
Self Healing
Working with Plants/Animals
Receive Level One Attunements
Learn Level One Symboloy

...and much more!

Reiki Level Two

In this class you will:

Review of level 1
Receive Level Two Attunements
Learn Level Two Symbols and How To Use Them
Distance Healing
Creating Sacred Space
Reiki as a Professional Practice

...and much more!

Reiki Master/Teacher Class

In this class you will:

Review of level 1 and 2
Receive Master Level Attunements
Learn Master Level Symbols and How To Use Them
Learn How to Give Attunements (Instructions and Practice)
Crystals Every Reiki Master Should Have/Know How To Apply

...and much more!

Aqualead Level One

This level is focused on healing water inside living organisms and also includes a component on animal communication. The student is introduced to Aqualead, taught how to give the healing session, learns the first two symbols and how to do the first meditation.

Students will receive the Aqualead Level One Attunement and practice Aqualead Healing Sessions and Distant Healing.

No Pre-Requesites Required

Aqualead Level Two

Level II focuses on Healing Nature and the Envrionment -healing water all over the planet; dealing with agriculture and plant life; transforming situations, enhancing creativity, and transmuting lower, negative energies into a Higher Order.

Students will learn:

Level Two Symbols
Level Two Attunement
Healing as a Level Two practitioner
...and more!

Aqualead Level One Required

Aqualead Master Level

The Master Level focuses on manifestation and teaching Aqualead; the student learns how to attract and manifest water; new alternative forms of energy; how to send distant healing using crystals; how to teach Aqualead and give the attunements. The student learns the last four symbols and the third meditation; receives the Master level attunement, and then practises giving an attunement.

Aqualead Level Two + Four Months' experience required.

Pendulum's In A Multidimensional Consciousness

Learn how to work with pendulums in a Multidimensional Consciousness. See how this ancient practice can be applied to your everyday life by working alongside the Crystal/Mineral Kingdom and activating the Multidimensional Being You ARE!

Crystal Consciousness Series

Join Tristan Brine as we journey through the Multifaceted & Multidimensional World of the Crystal and Mineral Kingdom. Learn how to work with some of our oldest Spiritual Allies as we upgrade to new frequencies as Crystalline Beings.

Participants will receive a Level One Practitioner Certification from Tristan Brine of Otherworld Treasures as well as a crystal bundle of rare and unique stones for their Journey.