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Goddess Mythos: Ngame (Nee-Gaw-May)

Posted on 17 July, 2018 at 14:10

A Lunar Creator-Goddess of the Akan people of Nigeria, Ngame restores the balance between the Masculine and Feminine Divine.

Said to give birth to the Sun each morning, she provides us an opportunity to reflect on what it is we would like to give birth to each day. Within this contemplation is also a lesson - even if our days do not go as we had initially intended, there is an opportunity to choose again the next cycle.

Ngame mirrors to us that we call carry the Trine Energy (n this case the Triple Goddess). She embodies the Maiden Warrior, The Queen-Mother, High Priestess/Leader as well as the Enchanter(ess) Magic that flows through all aspects. Again this offers us a contemplation - How will you choose to express yourself in the world in this ever present, co-creative moment of NOW.

Keeping Shining!


*If anyone finds the original artist for the image below, I'd Love to credit the picture*

The Gift of Chaos

Posted on 29 June, 2017 at 15:00

Time-No Time-Shift:

What If I Told You...

Chaos was a Goddess.

We Were All Chaotic Matter Before The Universe Was Created.

Out Of The Gift Of Chaos, Anything Is Possible.

Chaos Is A Means To Peeling Back The Layers And Finding Your Authenticity.

Balance Was Born From Chaos.

Chaos Will Shift The Shiftless.

Chaos Is A Chance To Grow And Become The Possibility.

Universal Knowledge Is Born From Experiential Learning; Chaos Can Be A Divine Master Teacher.

It Is Through Discord That Harmony Can Be Understood And Cherished And Therefore Anchored.

By Shifting Your Perceptions On Chaos, You Can Claim Your Place As Co-Creator.

In Truth, Chaos Is All About Finding Clarity And Your Soul Signature.

Even In Chaos, There Is Oneness.

What Else Is Possible? How Does It Get Any Better Than This? We Are That We Are, We Are All That We Are!

Keep Shining My Galactic Gods/Goddesses!

Tristan Brine of Otherworld Treasures - Alternative Health & Wellness Boutique

What The Shift?

Posted on 29 October, 2016 at 0:20


We’ve had a few interesting weeks, No? Quite a few people are experiencing some turbulence so today I felt inspired to share one multilayered perspective as to why this is happening.

1. The Inward Spiral – We are still in a stage of an Inward Energetic Spiral that happens every year around this time attached to the Autumnal Equinox. What does this mean Tristan? I am glad you asked: It means any and all densities you are carrying, mental-emotional foot-prints, old patterns and behaviours, rigid belief systems etc. that have been pushed down or simply need a deeper layer of clearing are all coming up to the surface for the purposes of Healing. Acknowledge these energies as they arise and simply ask yourself, “Is this my Highest Truth?” and say, “Please show me the Remedy, the Resolve and provide me with the Understanding.”


2. Full Moon in Aries (October 15th) – There is a general anger or angst, often brought up by Aries which is often misdirected. It is our job to turn this anger over to fuel our Passions! This is not a time to squabble with one another, but rather inspire one another to move forward, to claim your individual platform and Sovereignty. We are here to provide Freedom by removing the Illusions of Dominance and Separation and offer Liberation to our Creative Energy before we celebrate the Rebirth of the Light on December 21st.


3. All Hallows Eve/Halloween – Oh yes – This does have an effect on everyone, regardless of conscious awareness. This time of year, the veil is thinning. We are called upon by our Ancestors, Past and Future generations to Heal and Seal any wounds and contracts PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE and Parallel Multi-Verse. It is also a time where there is less density and Spirit, in all senses of the word, will vibrate towards us. Be gentle with yourselves; be gentle with the energy around you. Spin a Vortex of Golden energy around you in a Unified Field to solidify your Source-Light.


4. New Moon in Scorpio is bringing us to a place of Self-Empowerment. This should be recognized and graciously accepted within the Heart. For those ready it will serve as a catalyst to deeper levels of intuition and anchoring in the Mystic. Sometimes this energy can be deep and dark and our Shadow Self dances with our Light, but we can channel this energy into something productive. Are you ready to meet your truest aspects of Self? Use this time to reconnect with Self. Celebrate who you are and anchor in another level of Love and Self-Acceptance.



Himalayan (Best Results)/Sea Salt Baths – ½ Cup of Salt in a bath is more than enough to really help rebalance your entire energy system. It’s even better to add in herbs that resonate with you as your Plant Kingdom Guardians.

Ceremony Connecting and Healing with your Ancestors - Ceremony comes from the Heart not the Head. Ceremony can be as simple as sending out a Prayer to the Universe and then Meditating to receive your Answers.

Laugh – Find your Joy and anchor in some Laughter. Our time here is relatively short and there’s nothing you cannot handle! Remember, you signed up for this ;)

Take a moment to send yourself some LOVE. Remember, you’re the ONE you’ve been searching for.

Crystals for this time period: Elestial Quartz, Lepidocrocite/Harlequin Quartz, Hematoid Quartz, Black Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian, Stromatolite

Integrating the Shadow

Posted on 7 September, 2016 at 14:55

This is inspired by on-going Shifts and the Journey of Self Discovery. May it serve You well, both Macro and Micro as an Individual and Collective BEing.

As we journey here on Earth Mother and increase our Light Quotient through our Remembrance of Self as the Source-Light Beings we ARE, we tend to forget (in some cases avoid the ‘Knowing’;) we also increase our Shadow. You are likely bracing as you read this. Pause a moment and take a breath. Know there is a dance between Light and Shadow; one could not be appreciated as deeply without the other. Know they are of the same Source.

As Humans, we forget we are Multidimensional, Multi-Sensory Beings. The Masculine and Feminine Shadow get played with and manipulated by corrupt False-Light teachings and lead us to believe we should compete with one another, tear one another down, create barriers, doubt, fear, jealousy, idle gossip, betrayal…you name it – we’ve lived it, in this life and many others. To this I say - enough is enough! How can we achieve and align to our Soul’s Purpose if we are too busy at one another’s throats? How can we learn from one another as Creator Gods & Goddesses if we allow our insecurities to get the best of us? It’s time to be Conscious and take Personal Responsibility. Are You truly Ready, Willing, Able, - Awake and Functioning?

One solution for the Shadow is first, acknowledgment. Bear witness to the darkest parts of Self. Do not be afraid to gaze upon your own mirror. Know that as deep as that darkness goes, so does your Light. Remember, you can only meet others as deeply as you have met your(S)elf.

Second, embrace Self through Forgiveness. Forgive your Self (always first and foremost); Others; Situations; etc. for personal judgements, criticisms, projections, rejections; programming, illusions, delusions ; and all other things not serving your Highest Good or the Divine Will. Even if you are not ready to forgive in totality – remember – you only need to be willing. Stating “I Am Willing to Forgive” will energetically start the process. This process is a deprogramming and a re-balancing.

Third, meet everything with Love. I am talking LOVE with a capital L, Universal Love, Love without conditions. When you approach the situation with Love, you are better able to ask your(S)elf, what am I learning? See the moment as an opportunity for Growth and Up-spiral your Energies!

Finally, Gratitude – Being Thankful in your current reality brings you in to the ever present, co-creative moment of NOW. Thank the Shadow, Thank the Light, Thank the Lesson, and Thank the Self. Focus and redirect your energy back to the Sacred Neutral.


Consider the following as an upgrade or update to the Ho'oponopono, translated in to the “I AM – Presence”. Use it to guide you truly step up on your Platforms (or Spaceships for some ;) )

I Am Acknowledgement; I Am Forgiveness; I Am Love; I Am Gratitude

Below are a list of Crystals I recommend that will consciously aid you in integrating your Shadow-Selves and Re-aligning you to your Zero-Point & Creator Energy. Keep Shining my Bright Stars!


Back To School

Posted on 7 September, 2016 at 11:45


It's that time of year again! Here is my Top 4 Crystals for 'Back To School' that will help all parties involved in this process - Teachers, Students and Parents alike!

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You are the "Protection" You Seek!

Posted on 1 March, 2016 at 13:45

Though we have been provided with beautiful physical tools from the Mineral Kingdom (Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Smokey Quartz etc) and the Plant Kingdom (Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense etc) it is important to remember you have every capability within you to be energetically protected.

The simple truth is, if you do not Up-Spiral your own energy, no amount of spiritual-tools will do the trick. When we are in our intuitive moments where we feel we need an extra boost of spiritual support, take a conscious pause. Working as a unified force of energy (all chakras, all Auric Bodies – no separation here), surround yourself with the colour-energy of your choice for your unique soul-signature. Stabilize your Energy Fields through the breath and BEing in the present moment – the NOW. Visualize that energy spinning around your body in an upwards motion through the Stellar Gateway (9th Chakra) to Source Energy. At this time, you may wish to call in your Multidimensional Support (Angelic Realms, Guides, Loved Ones etc). When you feel stabilized and are in a clearer consciousness, ask yourself - why did I feel this way? More often than not, you will find you were in a situation of “Energetic-Polarity” or “Us Vs. Them”.

Unlike most people, I am not going to tell you that feeling polarity is a “bad” thing and that we must strive for “Oneness” in every moment. In fact, one of the reasons we incarnated on Earth is to experience Polarity. Without it, we would not learn; our souls would not grow. The KEYS here are how you CHOOSE to Consciously Act from Universal Love, instead of an unconscious or passive re-action out of fear as well as to not get caught up in the density (drama) of the energy or in each polarized situation. BE in the EYE of the Ultimate Observer (more playfully called God’s Goggles).

I often take the time to ask myself, “What am I Learning, What is it that I need to know? (About Myself, about my surroundings, about the energy around me…etc.) The answers may not come right away and such is life, there isn’t always a direct answer. Just allow yourself to be in the flow of the present moment. This is a simple communion with your Higher-Self and your personal connection to God/Source Energy.

Remember my Stars; you have the Universe (YOU-niverse) inside of you.

“I AM that I Am, I Am ALL that I Am, Everything I Need, Exists Within Me”


Keep Shining!

Tristan Brine






Posted on 25 February, 2016 at 16:40

Oneness Prayer

Posted on 25 February, 2016 at 16:35

Message From The Crystal & Mineral Kingdom

Posted on 25 February, 2016 at 15:25

We dwell in all places and are a part of all compositions.

We exist beneath your feet and reach the highest heavens.

Our energies are some of the first in existence.

Before you made us, we aided in making you.

We are sad, we are joyous. We are all emotions.

We are your structures and original strengths.

We shelter you in our shared home.

Though much is written, we are and always shall be mystery for just as humans surprise us constantly – we too shall surprise you.

We are a collective consciousness working in conjunction with you daily.

We connect you not only to life on Earth, but all universal matter.

We are micro in macro and macro in micro.

We are the Mineral Kingdom

Channeled & Written By Tristan Brine